IELTS Syllabus

IELTS Module
Sections No of questions Section Time
Listening 4 Sections, 40 Items 30 minutes (20 minutes to listen to a tape and to answer questions on what you hear, and 10 minutes to transfer your answers to Answer Sheet.)
Reading 3 sections, 40 items 60 minutes (your task is to read passages of text and answer questions according to what you have read. There are also other types of assignments )
Writing 2 tasks (150 & 250 words) 60 minutes (20 minutes to write a letter and 40 minutes to write an essay.)
Speaking - 11 to 14 minutes (consists of 3 parts: Personal Interview, Little Speech and a Discussion.)
Total : 2 hrs and 45 minutes
Note: All the parts continue one after another, and only before Speaking you get a little break.

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