IELTS is one of the major and broadly academic exams and general training exams for the students who have a desire to study abroad. If you’re aiming to study in the top Universities abroad in countries like the UK, USA, Canada, or Europe then you need to prepare for IELTS. Also, this generic exam allows you to migrate to the top international countries to create better opportunities for creating a brighter career. If you’re interested in weaving a glorious and successful future for yourself then IELTS is the right exam for your success journey.

IELTS exams consist of four different sections which you need to clear for opening your pathway abroad. Reading, writing, speaking, and listening are the four different segments of IELTS. Each segment is ranged between scores of 0-9, in which the minimum band score has to be 7. Whereas, scores 8 and 9 are considered to be very good and excellent according to the usage of language. And, scoring well in IELTS can help you to get admission to the top universities abroad. This is a well-defined proficiency test that requires optimal preparation and knowledge for creating a brighter future abroad.

International English Language Testing System

Things To Know
Every few months, IELTS is conducted and you require proper knowledge to clear this generic exam. And, it is highly crucial to get IELTS training from a top-rated institution. Also, if you have a history of excellent reading and writing skills then is easier to crack this generic training exam. But, for finding the best IELTS training institution you need to research properly. Also, regular mock tests, revisions of ample study material will help you to perform like an expert to clear this IELTS exam.

At Achievers Point you can get the certified study material that you’re in search of IELTS coaching. This is the top-most certified place where you can get lucid training to clear your pathway for creating a brighter future abroad. Whether you want to go abroad for migration, study, or work this IELTS exam allows you to travel, study, and live in English-speaking international countries without any hassle.

Format Of IELTS Exam
Writing Segment

This text consists of two different tests which are listed as TASK 1 & 2.
• Task 1: Involves interpreting tables, graphs, charts
• Task 2: Comprises of issue writing

This task takes 15 to 20 minutes to prescribe letter writing. It includes the task of writing a letter of 150 words. And, their variant topics and different sorts of letters to write that may appear in IELTS. Also, these tasks may include formal letters, informal letters, complaints, and many more.

Reading Segment
There are three different types of reading comprehensions. And, every Reading comprehension is followed by 12-14 Questions. But, the most crucial question compromises heading, subheading, sentence completions, and matching, etc. This task may last up to 50-60 minutes.

Listening Segment
This segment consists of four different sections. Firstly, you need to listen to audio and answer the question smartly. Similarly, listening and answering are the two major things that you need to remember for this test.
Moreover, this task can take up to 20-30 minutes. For completion of this task, you can have additional 10 minutes to revise and answer properly on the answer sheet.

Speaking Segment
This is a 15 minutes test includes three different parts of speaking tasks. From the self-introduction, topic, and discussion you need to share your thoughts on these topics. After the introduction task, you’ll be provided a topic card on which you need to speak up for 5 minutes. And, for the final round, there will be a professional discussion between you and the examiner. Consequently, you’ll be asked questions by the examiner on the topic that you’ve spoken about before.

IELTS Application Procedure
You can easily register online. Pay your fee via Credit card, Master card, or VISA. Through this, you can get immediate seat confirmation with no waiting time. Therefore, the online booking procedure is safe, secure, and hassle-free.
– You can log in to our website through any system.
– Apply online easily.
– Choose your test date and get the updates for seat availability status.
– Fill the online form
– Pay for the test through credit, master, or VISA card.
– Get acknowledgment and every detail of instant seat booking

NOTE: You need to apply for IELTS at least five weeks in advance. Also, you can confirm every notification through a registered Email ID. Moreover, you can also get every important detail, notice, or notification through SMS at your registered mobile number.