Photo Requirement for IELTS Test Registration

The following guidelines are provided for centres to follow in the management of test day photos; the decision to accept the photographs submitted by a candidate is at the Administrator’s discretion.

Candidates provide two identical colour photographs that are not more than six months old
Cross reference with passport photograph (if the same has been used check the date of issue of the passport)
Black and white photographs must not be accepted
The image must be clearly visible i.e. the photographs must not be stamped, signed / written on, marked, folded, stapled over or damaged in any way

• Standard passport sized photograph
• Minimum 35 mm in width
• Minimum 45 mm in height

• A close-up of the head and top of shoulders (80%+ of the photo)
• Looking straight towards the camera with face square on
• Both ears showing or both edges of the face visible if hair covers the ears
• NOT personal portrait style (glamour shot)
• NOT looking over one shoulder
• Head not tilted or rotated

• Print quality of professional standard
• High quality paper and colour image
• No ink or marks on the image

• No shadows or glare on the image or background
• Good colour balance that shows skin tones naturally
• A plain, light coloured background (beige, white, blue background recommended, not red)
- no objects in the background
- no patterned background
• Appropriate brightness and contrast
• Uniform lighting/ sharp focus and clear
• No ‘red eye’

• A neutral expression with mouth closed
- no smiling, squinting, frowning or raised eyebrows
• Nothing covering the face
• Eyes open and clearly visible
- no hair covering the eyes

• Nothing should hide the outlines of the eyes, nose or mouth
• No glasses (please advertise this requirement immediately but it will take effect January 2010)
• Head coverings worn for religious reasons are permitted
- Facial features from bottom of chin to top of forehead and both edges of face must be clearly shown

Need help or assistance call me on 9899004123

She has been very supportive for IELTS Training

Dear Sir,
I Barkha Chopra student of IELTS at Achievers Point, Raja Garden branch would like to give feedback for mentor Ms. Kirti Makhija. She has been very supportive and helpful through out the module. She is very strict and very disciplined which every student requires the most. I am really thankful to her.

Regards, Barkha Chopra


If you too want to join Achievers Point, call now on 9873264123

Key English Test (KET) Exam in India

Cambridge English: Key, also known as Key English Test (KET), is a basic level qualification that shows you can use English to communicate in simple situations and have achieved a good foundation in learning English.

Exam format

  • Reading and Writing
  • Listening
  • Speaking

January (computer-based exams)

Saturday 28 January
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
21 January–29 January
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
February (computer-based exams)

Friday 10 February
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
04 February–12 February
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
February (paper-based exams)

Saturday 25 February (afternoon)
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
17 February–27 February (Overseas)
17 February–04 March (UK)
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
March (paper-based exams)

Saturday 17 March (afternoon)
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
09 March–19 March (Overseas)
09 March–25 March (UK)
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
March (computer-based exams)

Wednesday 28 March
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
24 March–01 April
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
April (computer-based exams)

Thursday 26 April
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
21 April–29 April
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
May (paper-based exams)

Saturday 19 May (afternoon)
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
11 May–21 May (Overseas)
11 May–27 May (UK)
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
May (computer-based exams)

Thursday 24 May
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
19 May–27 May
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
June (paper-based exams)

Friday 01 June (afternoon)
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
25 May–04 June (Overseas)
25 May–10 June (UK)
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
June (paper-based exams)

Thursday 07 June (afternoon)
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
01 June–11 June (Overseas)
01 June–17 June (UK)
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
June (computer-based exams)

Friday 08 June
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
02 June–10 June
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
June (computer-based exams)

Saturday 23 June
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
16 June–24 June
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
July (computer-based exams)

Friday 06 July
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
30 June–08 July
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
July (paper-based exams)

Thursday 26 July (afternoon)
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
20 July–30 July (Overseas)
20 July–05 Aug (UK)
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
August (computer-based exams)

Saturday 11 August
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
04 August–12 August
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
September (computer-based exams)

Friday 14 September
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
08 September–16 September
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
October (paper-based exams) (NEW)

Saturday 13 October (afternoon)
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
05 October–15 October (Overseas)
05 October–21 October (UK)
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
October (computer-based exams)

Friday 26 October
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
20 October–28 October
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
November (paper-based exams)

Saturday 17 November (afternoon)
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
09 November–19 November (Overseas)
09 November–25 November (UK)
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
November (computer-based exams)

Thursday 22 November
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
17 November–25 November
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
December (paper-based exams)

Friday 07 December (afternoon)
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
30 November–10 December (Overseas)
30 November–16 December (UK)
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)
December (computer-based exams)

Saturday 08 December
Paper 1 (Reading & Writing)
and Paper 2 (Listening)
01 December–09 December
Window for Paper 3 (Speaking)

Test Fees: Rs 2500/- in India.

Your results
Cambridge English: Key gives detailed, meaningful results. All candidates receive a Statement of Results. Candidates whose performance ranges between CEFR Levels B1 and A1 will also receive a certificate.

List of 480+ universities represented by Achievers Point

List of 480+ universities represented by Achievers Point, Want to join any one of them call now on 09899984123
  1. Academy of Couture Art, California  USA
  2. All SUNY Opt-in Campuses  USA
  3. American International College, Massachusetts  USA
  4. Arkansas State University       USA
  5. Ashland University, Oregon  USA
  6. Aviation Institute of Maintenance, Virginia  USA
  7. Bellevue University, Nebraska  USA
  8. Berkley College, New York  USA
  9. Big Bend Community College  USA
  10. Bradley University, Illinois  USA
  11. California Baptist University  USA
  12. California State University, California  USA
  13. Campbell University, North Carolina  USA
  14. Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania  USA
  15. City University of New York (CUNY) Staten Island, New York  USA
  16. Dallas Baptist University, Texas  USA
  17. De Anza College, California  USA
  18. Devry University, Illinois  USA
  19. Donnelley College        USA
  20. Drury University, Missouri  USA
  21. El Camino College     USA
  22. Emporia State University  USA
  23. Fairleigh Dickinson University FDU, New Jersey  USA
  24. Fairmont State University, West Virginia  USA
  25. Ferris State University, Michigan  USA
  26. Fisher College USA
  27. Florida Coastal School of Law, Florida  USA
  28. Florida International University, Florida  USA
  29. Florida Southern College, Florida  USA
  30. Foothill College, California  USA
  31. Foothill-De Anza Community College, California  USA
  32. Gannon University USA
  33. Golden Gate University, California  USA
  34. Green River Community College, Washington  USA
  35. Hamline University, Minnesota  USA
  36. Harvard University, Massachusetts  USA
  37. Hawaii Pacific University, Hawaii  USA
  38. High Point University, North Carolina  USA
  39. Hult International Business School, Boston  USA
  40. Illinois Institute of Technology, Illinois  USA
  41. Indiana State University, Indiana  USA
  42. International Academy of Design & Technology  USA
  43. Irish American University, Delaware  USA
  44. Johns Hopkins University, Maryland  USA
  45. Johnson & Wales University, Rhode Island  USA
  46. Kansas State University, Kansas  USA
  47. Kent State University, Ohio  USA
  48. Kettering University, Michigan  USA
  49. Lake Region State College, North Dakota  USA
  50. Lakeland College USA
  51. Lawrence Technological University LTU, Michigan  USA
  52. Liberty University USA
  53. Lincoln University, California  USA
  54. Long Island University  USA
  55. Louisiana State University, Louisiana  USA
  56. Manhattan Institute of Management, New York  USA
  57. Mansfield University USA
  58. Marshall University, West Virginia  USA
  59. Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT, Massachusetts  USA
  60. Midwestern State University, Texas  USA
  61. Mississippi College         USA
  62. Missouri University of Science and Technology, Missouri  USA
  63. Monroe College USA
  64. Montana State University – Billings, Montana  USA
  65. Montana State University – Bozeman, Montana  USA
  66. National University, California  USA
  67. New Jersey Institute of Technology, New Jersey  USA
  68. New York Film Academy, New York  USA
  69. North American College, Texas  USA
  70. North West Missouri State University   USA
  71. Northern Kentucky University, Kentucky  USA
  72. Northern Michigan University, Michigan  USA
  73. Notre Dame de Namur University, California  USA
  74. Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma  USA
  75. Pittsburg State University, Kansas  USA
  76. Polytechnic Institute of New York University, New York  USA
  77. Princeton University, New Jersey  USA
  78. Purdue University, Indiana  USA
  79. Robert Ross International University of Nursing  USA
  80. Saint Joseph’s College, Indiana  USA
  81. Saint Louis University, Missouri  USA
  82. Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Minnesota  USA
  83. Schiller International University, Florida  USA
  84. Seattle Central Community College, Washington  USA
  85. Seton Hall University, New Jersey  USA
  86. Southern New Hampshire Univerisity, New Hampshire  USA
  87. St. John’s University, New York  USA
  88. State University of New York  USA
  89. Stevenson University, Maryland  USA
  90. SUNY New Paltz  USA
  91. SUNY Old Westbury  USA
  92. SUNY-IT  USA
  93. SUNY, Binghamton University, New York  USA
  94. SUNY, Buffalo State College, New York  USA
  95. SUNY, Maritime College, New York  USA
  96. SUNY, Oswego, New York  USA
  97. SUNY, Stony Brook University, New York  USA
  98. SUNY, University at Albany, New York  USA
  99. Syracuse University, New York  USA
  100. Texas Southern University, Texas  USA
  101. The University of Findlay       USA
  102. The University of Tennessee – Knoxville, Tennessee  USA
  103. Thiel College       USA
  104. Thomas College, Maine  USA
  105. Troy University, Alabama  USA
  106. United States University  USA
  107. University of Arkansas, Arkansas  USA
  108. University of Bridgeport, Connecticut  USA
  109. University of California Riverside, California  USA
  110. University of Charleston, West Virginia  USA
  111. University of Dallas, Texas  USA
  112. University of Findlay, Ohio  USA
  113. University of Hartford, Connecticut  USA
  114. University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Texas  USA
  115. University of Missouri-Rolla      USA
  116. University of New Haven, Connecticut  USA
  117. University of North Alabama       USA
  118. University of North Dakota, North Dakota  USA
  119. Upper Iowa University, Iowa  USA
  120. Virginia International University  USA
  121. Webber International University, Florida  USA
  122. Wichita State University  USA
  123. Wright State University, Ohio  USA
  124. Zoni Language Center    USA
  125. Xavier University, Ohio  USA
  126. Adam Smith College  UK
  127. American InterContinental University London (AIU London)  UK
  128. Anglia Ruskin University  UK
  129. Azad University (IR) Oxford – AUO  UK
  130. Birmingham International College  UK
  131. British Institute of Technology & E-commerce UK
  132. Brunel University  UK
  133. Buckinghamshire New University  UK
  134. Cambridge Ruskin International College ( CRIC )  UK
  135. Canterbury Christchurch University  UK
  136. Cavendish College  UK
  137. City and Islington College  UK
  138. City of Bristol College  UK
  139. City University London – INTO  UK
  140. College of Accountancy & Management Studies  UK
  141. College of Technology, London  UK
  142. De Montfort University  UK
  143. EThames Graduate School  UK
  144. Forth Valley College Scotland  UK
  145. Glasgow Caledonian University – INTO  UK
  146. Glasgow International College  UK
  147. Glyndwr University  UK
  148. Green River Community College  UK
  149. Greenwich School of Management UK
  150. HIBT  UK
  151. Holborn College  UK
  152. ICRI Global Research   UK
  153. Insearch Essex  UK
  154. International College Wales Swansea (ICWS)  UK
  155. Kensington College of Business  UK
  156. LIBT  UK
  157. Liverpool International College UK
  158. London Empire Academy  UK
  159. London Metropolitan University  UK
  160. London School of Business & Finance  UK
  161. M.L.S. International College  UK
  162. Manchester International College  UK
  163. Manchester Metropolitan University  UK
  164. Maritime Greenwich College  UK
  165. Middlesex University UK
  166. Napier University  UK
  167. Navitas Group  UK
  168. Newcastle University  UK
  169. Northumbria University  UK
  170. Nottingham Trent International College  UK
  171. Queen’s University Belfast – INTO  UK
  172. Richmond, The International American University in London  UK
  173. Sheffield Hallam University  UK
  174. Staffordshire University  UK
  175. Study Group  UK
  176. Swansea University  UK
  177. Tasmac Business School  UK
  178. Thames Valley University  UK
  179. The Sheffield International College  UK
  180. The University of Plymouth  UK
  181. University of Aberdeen  UK
  182. University of Bedfordshire  UK
  183. University Of Bolton  UK
  184. University of Bradford  UK
  185. University of Bristol  UK
  186. University Of Buckinghamshire  UK
  187. University of Dundee  UK
  188. University of East Anglia  UK
  189. University of Essex  UK
  190. University of Exter – INTO  UK
  191. University of Gloucestershire  UK
  192. University of Hull  UK
  193. University of Kent at Canterbury  UK
  194. University Of Manchester – INTO  UK
  195. University of Northampton  UK
  196. University of Plymouth  UK
  197. University of the West of England  UK
  198. University of Wales Lampeter  UK
  199. University of Wales, Newport  UK
  200. University of West England  UK
  201. University of West London  UK
  202. University of Wolverhampton  UK
  203. West George College  UK
  204. West London College  UK
  205. Curtin Singapore  Singapore
  206. East Asia Institute of Management  Singapore
  207. James Cook University (JCU)  Singapore
  208. Kaplan Higher Education Academy  Singapore
  209. Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)  Singapore
  210. NIM (Nanyang Institute of Management, Singapore)  Singapore
  211. PSB Academy  Singapore
  212. Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)  Singapore
  213. Arium College SIN
  214. EASB (East Asia Institute Of Management )  SIN
  215. ICRI Global Research  SIN
  216. Informatics SIN
  217. JCU (James Cook University) SIN
  218. MDIS (Management Development Institute of Singapore) SIN
  219. Nanyang Institute Of Management SIN
  220. PSB Academy  SIN
  221. Raffles Campus  SIN
  222. Singapore Institute of Management  SIN
  223. TMC Academy  SIN
  224. AIS ST. Helens New Zealand
  225. Avonmore Tertiary Institute New Zealand
  226. Bay of Plenty Polytechnic New Zealand
  227. Bethlehem Tertiary Institute (BTI) New Zealand
  228. Canterbury Link College New Zealand
  229. Cornell Inst. of Business & Technology New Zealand
  230. Edenz College New Zealand
  231. Making Futures Happen Academy New Zealand
  232. Natcoll Design Technology New Zealand
  233. Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) New Zealand
  234. New zealand College Of Business New Zealand
  235. New Zealand Tertiary College New Zealand
  236. Newton College of Business and Technology New Zealand
  237. NZ School of Business & Government New Zealand
  238. Otago Polytechnic New Zealand
  239. Professional Bar and Restaurant School (PBRS) New Zealand
  240. Queens Academy                                                                                                                                                                                             5.Queens Academy New Zealand
  241. Raffles College of Design & Commerce New Zealand
  242. Southern Education Group New zealand New Zealand
  243. Travel Career College New Zealand
  244. Waiariki Insitute of Technology New Zealand
  245. Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki (WITT) New Zealand
  246. AIS St.Helens  New Zealand
  247. Auckland University of Technology [AUT]  New Zealand
  248. Bay of Plenty Polytechnic [BOP]  New Zealand
  249. Canterbury University  New Zealand
  250. Christ Church Polytechnic Institute of Technology [CPIT]  New Zealand
  251. Design & Arts College [D&A]  New Zealand
  252. Eastern Institute of Technology  New Zealand
  253. Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT)  New Zealand
  254. Edenz College  New Zealand
  255. International College of Learning [icl]  New Zealand
  256. International Travel College New Zealand-ITC  New Zealand
  257. Lincoln University  New Zealand
  258. Manukau Institute of Technology  New Zealand
  259. Massey University  New Zealand
  260. National Technology Institute  New Zealand
  261. National Tertiary Education Consortium  New Zealand
  262. Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology [NMIT]  New Zealand
  263. New Zealand Institute of Highway Technoligy (NZIHT)  New Zealand
  264. Northshore Academy [NISA]  New Zealand
  265. Otago Polytechnic  New Zealand
  266. Otago University  New Zealand
  267. Pacific International Hotel Management School [PIHMS]  New Zealand
  268. Professional Bar and Rest. School (PBRS)  New Zealand
  269. Queenstown Resort College [QRC]  New Zealand
  270. Regent College  New Zealand
  271. Royal Business College  New Zealand
  272. Southern Institute of Technology [SIT]  New Zealand
  273. Unitec  New Zealand
  274. Universal College of Learning [UCOL]  New Zealand
  275. University of Auckland  New Zealand
  276. Uunz  New Zealand
  277. Victoria University of Wellington  New Zealand
  278. Waiariki Institute of Technology  New Zealand
  279. Waikato Institute of Technology [WINTEC]  New Zealand
  280. Waikato University  New Zealand
  281. Wellington Institute of Technology [WELTEC]  New Zealand
  282. Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki [WITT]  New Zealand
  283. Whitireia Community Polytechnic  New Zealand
  284. Athlone Institute of Technology  Ireland
  285. Dublin Institute of Technology  Ireland
  286. Institute of Technology Blanchardstown  Ireland
  287. Irish American University  Ireland
  288. National University of Ireland, Galway  Ireland
  289. Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland  Ireland
  290. Trinity College, Dublin  Ireland
  291. University College Dublin  Ireland
  292. University of Limerick  Ireland
  293. University of SIEGEN  Germany
  294. Algonquin College  Canada
  295. Brock University  Canada
  296. Conestoga  Canada
  297. Devry University  Canada
  298. Douglas College  Canada
  299. Durham College  Canada
  300. Fairleigh Dickinson University  Canada
  301. Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology  Canada
  302. Fraser International College leading to SFU  Canada
  303. George Brown College  Canada
  304. Georgian College  Canada
  305. International College Manitoba  Canada
  306. kwantlen polytechnic university  Canada
  307. Mohawk College  Canada
  308. Mount Allison University  Canada
  309. Niagara College  Canada
  310. OMNI College  Canada
  311. Omni College  Canada
  312. Royal Roads University  Canada
  313. Selkirk College  Canada
  314. Seneca College  Canada
  315. Canada
  316. Simon Fraser University  Canada
  317. Southern Alberta Institute of Technology  Canada
  318. St Lawrence College  Canada
  319. Trent University  Canada
  320. University of Alberta  Canada
  321. University of Manitoba  Canada
  322. Vancouver Community College  Canada
  323. Bow Valley College Canada
  324. Cambrian College Canada
  325. Centennial College Canada
  326. College of the Rockies Canada
  327. Columbia College Canada
  328. Conestoga College Canada
  329. Durham College  Canada
  330. Fanshawe College Canada
  331. FDU – Fairleigh Dickinson University Canada
  332. Fleming College Canada
  333. Fraser International College Canada
  334. Fraser Valley University Canada
  335. Georgian College Canada
  336. Humber College Canada
  337. Huron College Canada
  338. International College of Manitoba Canada
  339. Kwantlen Polytechnic University Canada
  340. Lambton College Canada
  341. Laurentian University Canada
  342. Mc Master University Canada
  343. Mohawk College Canada
  344. NAIT Canada
  345. New Brunswick College Canada
  346. Northern Lights College Canada
  347. Red River College Canada
  348. Ryerson University Canada
  349. SAIT Canada
  350. Selkirk College Canada
  351. Seneca College Canada
  352. Sheridan College Canada
  353. SIAST Canada
  354. St.Clair College Canada
  355. ST.Lawrence College Canada
  356. Trinity Western University Canada
  357. University of Alberta Canada
  358. University of Canada West Canada
  359. University of Manitoba Canada
  360. University Of Regina Canada
  361. University of Winnipeg Canada
  362. Vancouver Community College Canada
  363. York University Canada
  364.  Bradford College  AUS
  365.  Cambridge International College   –   AUS
  366.  Kaplan Business School AUS
  367.  Le Cordon Bleu AUS
  368.  SAIBT AUS
  369. Academia International AUS
  371. ANIBT  AUS
  372. Australian Catholic University  AUS
  373. a AUS
  374. Australian College of Applied Education  AUS
  375. Australian Institue of Tech & Education AUS
  376. Australian Institute of Technology Training  AUS
  377. Australian International Hotel School (AIHS)  AUS
  378. Australian National Institute of Business & Technology  AUS
  379. Australian School of Management – ASM  AUS
  380. Australian Technical & Management College (ATMC)  AUS
  381. Baxter Institute AUS
  382. Blue Mountains Hotel School  AUS
  383. Bond University  AUS
  384. Box Hill Institute of TAFE  AUS
  385. Boxhill Institute of TAFE    AUS
  386. Cambridge International College AUS
  387. Cambridge International College Perth AUS
  388. Canberra Institute Of Technology  AUS
  389. Carrick Institute of Education  AUS
  390. Carrick Institute(Formerly ACTH) AUS
  391. Central Queensland University AUS
  392. Central Queensland University  AUS
  393. Charles Sturt University AUS
  394. Charles Sturt University Study Center Melbourne  AUS
  395. Charles Sturt University Study Centre Sydney  AUS
  396. Chisholm Institute  AUS
  397. Chisholm TAFE AUS
  398. CIC – Curtin International College AUS
  399. CQ University  AUS
  400. Curtin International College  AUS
  401. Curtin Sydney  AUS
  402. Curtin University of Technology AUS
  403. Deakin University    AUS
  404. Edith Cowan University AUS
  405. Education Centre of Australia, Sydney (ECA) in coloboration with VU  AUS
  406. Eynesbury  AUS
  407. Gold Coast Institute of TAFE  AUS
  408. Griffith University  AUS
  409. Headmasters – Hair dressing and Beauty AUS
  410. Headmasters Academy  AUS
  411. Holmes College AUS
  412. Holmes College AUS
  413. Holmes Institute  AUS
  414. Holmesglen Institute of TAFE  AUS
  415. HTA AUS
  416. IIBIT (International Institute of Business & Information technology)  AUS
  417. Insearch UTS  AUS
  418. International College of Hotel Management (ICHM)  AUS
  419. ISBT / UNE  AUS
  420. James Cook University AUS
  421. James Cook University Brisbane     AUS
  422. Kangan Batman TAFE  AUS
  423. Kaplan Business School AUS
  425. KIC  AUS
  426. Kingston International College AUS
  427. La Trobe University    AUS
  428. Le Cordon Bleu  AUS
  429. Macquarie City College  AUS
  430. Melbourne Inst of Tech – MIT AUS
  431. Melbourne Institute of Engineering AUS
  432. Melbourne Institute of Tourism & Hospitality/Engineering  AUS
  433. Menzies Institute AUS
  434. Menzies Instute of Technology  AUS
  435. MIBT  AUS
  436. MIBT-Melbourne inst of Bussi & Tech.    AUS
  437. MITH-Melbourne inst of Tourism & Hospitality  –    AUS
  438. Monash College  AUS
  439. Monash University    AUS
  440. Navitas English  AUS
  441. navitas group  AUS
  442. Northern Melbourne Institute (NMIT) AUS
  443. Ozford College AUS
  444. Ozymate College  AUS
  445. Perth Education city  AUS
  446. Perth Institute of Business and Technology (PIBT)  AUS
  447. Perth Institute of Western Australia AUS
  448. PIBT – Perth Institute of Bus. & Tech. AUS
  449. QIBT AUS
  450. Queensland Institute of Business and Technology (QIBT)  AUS
  451. Queensland International Business Academy – QIBA  AUS
  452. RMIT University    AUS
  453. Sarina Russo Schools  AUS
  454. Shafston International College AUS
  455. South Australian Institute of Business & Technology [SAIBT]  AUS
  456. South Bank Institute of Technology  AUS
  457. Southern Cross University AUS
  458. Stott’s College AUS
  459. Swinburne University of Technology    AUS
  460. Sydney Institute of Business & Technology  AUS
  461. TAFE NSW  AUS
  462. TAFE Queensland AUS
  463. TAFE South Australia  AUS
  464. TAFE Western Australia  AUS
  465. Taylors College AUS
  466. The Management Edge Group  AUS
  467. TK College AUS
  468. Tropical North Queensland TAFE instead of Tafe  AUS
  469. University of Ballarat    AUS
  470. University Of Melbourne  AUS
  471. University of Queensland  AUS
  472. University of South Australia  AUS
  473. University of Southern Queensland  AUS
  474. University of Tasmania AUS
  475. University of Technology Sydney  AUS
  476. University of Western Australia AUS
  477. University of Western Sydney  AUS
  478. University of Wollongong  AUS
  479. Victoria University AUS
  480. William Angliss Institute OF TAFE AUS
Want to join any one of them call now on 09899984123

I want to know the IELTS test centre for British Council in Hyderabad

Question: I want to know the IELTS test centre for British Council in Hyderabad.

Answer: Administrative office for British Council is located at following address. Your actual test centre may differ from this place.

British Council – Hyderabad

IELTS Administrator
5-9-22 Sarovar Centre
Secretariat Road
500 063

Tel: +91 (0)40 2348 3333
Fax: +91 (0)40 2348 3100


I am unable to belive what I have scored!

Dear Sir,
I have received my result for IELTS today and i am unable to belive what i have scored. I really appiciate and i am thankful to the whole staff of Achivers point for helipng me to this extent.

I have scored 7.5 in listening and reading and 7 in writing and speaking respectively. My job schedule was very tight and i had enquired several institutes for crash course but none of them was ready to do so in 5 to 6 days which i demanded. I am thankful to HEMA Mam for accepting this challenge.

I would like to give my special thanks to Shri.Neeraj Sir who supported me a lot. He took out time for me from his regular classes and allowed me to disturb him anytime i wished. He also took my tests on the examination date beafore going to the examination center. Pallavi mam also supported me a lot and my speaking score is good just because of the instructions she gave me just beafore going for it.

Coaching at achivers point was a memorable experience for me and i have no words to express my thanks to the institute for helping me score 7.5 in a coaching of just 6 days.

Thanking You !

Amit Datarkar
Sr.G.M Opns & Cord.
Gupta Global Resources Ltd.
Chandrapur. Maharashtra